Myths and Preconceptions – Catholic Psyche #8


Catholic Psyche Podcast’s Group Chat:
Hosts: Deacon Basil Ryan Balke, Cherie Trinitini & Chris Wojdak
Today the Theologian Therapists discuss Myths about Psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy credentials in the State of Colorado:

Psychiatrist- Medical Doctor with specialization in prescribing psychiatric medications

Clinical Psychologist- Doctoral level with specialization in psychological assessment and testing.

LPC-Licensed Professional Counselor. Masters level with specialization in individual therapy (Deacon Basil and Chris are LPCs).

LMFT-License Marriage and Family Therapist. Masters level with specialization in Family and Couples Therapy. (Cherie is a LMFT).

LCSW-Licensed Clinical Social Work. Masters Level with specialization in individual therapy.

CAC-Certified Addictions Therapist. Certified level therapist with specialization in addictions issues.

Registered Psychotherapist-Unlicensed, Non-Educated therapist with no requirements.



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  1. You must have made a typo – it says “Deacon Basil and Christ are LPCs”. I mean… Christ as God knows the human psyche better than all LPCs combine hahaha.


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