Attachment and the Church – Catholic Psyche #16

Catholic Psyche Podcast’s Group Chat:
Hosts: Chris Wojdak, Cherie Trentini & Dcn. Basil Balke

Today the Theologian Therapists discuss Attachment and the Catholic Church.


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2 thoughts on “Attachment and the Church – Catholic Psyche #16”

  1. I hope you will do another episode on what attachment looks like with older children. Too often, it seems that attachment parenting is reduced to little more than breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and using a sling instead of a stroller.

  2. Matt.

    We agree completely, and will put it in our list for future topics. This is a great point about how attachment is viewed by many in the Church and world today.

    God Bless,
    Fr. Dcn. Basil

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