Am I Addicted? – Catholic Psyche Q & A


Catholic Psyche Podcast’s Short Q&A.

Question: Am I Addicted?

Host: Deacon Basil Ryan Balke M.A. M.Th. LPCC

Today Deacon Basil answers the question: Question: Dear Deacon, I have struggled with using alcohol, food and other substances for much of my adult life. I have never really thought of myself as addicted, but have never honestly attempted quitting or curbing my use. With the start of the new school year, I am looking to giving up alcohol and drugs, but don’t know if I am addicted or not. If I am addicted, then I feel like I would need the help of a therapist, if I am not I still feel like it would be difficult. How would I know if I am actually addicted or not?

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