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About Catholic Psyche Podcast

The Catholic Psyche Podcast aims to educate on the integration between the Psychological Sciences and Catholic Spirituality, Philosophy and Theology. The Podcast hosted by Clinical Mental Health Professionals as well as specialists in Catholic Spirituality and Theology.

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Recent Podcasts

Attachment and the Church – Catholic Psyche #16

Catholic Psyche Podcast’s Group Chat: Hosts: Chris Wojdak, Cherie Trentini & Dcn. Basil Balke Today the Theologian Therapists discuss Attachment and the Catholic Church. Resources: A Secure Base:…nt/dp/0465075975/ The Developing...

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Video Game Addiction? – CATHOLIC PSYCHE PODCAST Q & A

Catholic Psyche Podcast's Short Q&A Question: Is my son addicted to video games? Host: Deacon Basil Ryan Balke M.A. M.Th. LPCC Today Deacon Basil speaks about video game addiction and the DSM-5s proposed diagnosis of Internet Gaming Addiction. To submit questions...

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The Hosts

Deacon Basil Ryan Balke M.A. M.Th. LPCC

Deacon Basil currently holds licensure as a Professional Counselor Candidate in the State of Colorado and has a Master of Arts degree in counseling from Regis University.  He also has advanced training in marriage and family therapy and has experience working with couples and families. Before becoming a therapist, Deacon Basil was a youth minister for eleven years where he worked with thousands of young people.

Brittany Balke

Brittany is passionate about helping people feel comfortable and supported in their search for psychological and spiritual healing. This comes mainly from her own experience in receiving healing through counseling and spiritual direction, as well as in being a witness to the healing others have experienced from these therapies. In addition to working with Mount Tabor, Brittany has been a writer for and is a physical therapist assistant specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and other chronic conditions.

Cherie Trentini M.S. LMFT

Cherie currently holds licensure as a Marriage and Family therapist in the State of Colorado and has a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. She also obtained her bachelors in Mental Health from Franciscan University where she also enjoyed studying Theology.


Chris is licensed as a Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado, as well as a Board Certified Music Therapist. He studied at Nazareth College of Rochester in New York State where he received his Masters in Creative Arts Therapy/Music Therapy, as well as University of Colorado Denver where he took additional coursework in counseling and psychotherapy.

Sara Stacey M.A.

Sara holds a Masters of Arts in Theology from the Augustine Institute and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Counseling from Regis University. She loves exploring the relationship between heart, mind, and soul. With a background in writing and story-telling, Sara believes in the power of narrative, meaning she thinks people need to sit down with a good novel and a hot mug of tea more often. As Aristotle once said, stories tell us who we are. She also writes for the Catholic Apostolate Center blog.